Pol LEURS is born in 1947 in the city of Luxembourg and lives as a retired engineer
with his wife Gabie in Gonderange. He’s father of three adult boys.

     Self taught in art, he was regularly published from 1975 to 1983 in Revue, Forum and
Ons Stad. Since 1976 he has held individual exhibitions in Luxembourg and participated at
many national and international exhibitions. He was also a jury member at the
Euro-Cartoonale Kruishoutem in 1985 and at the International Cartoonfestival Knokke-Heist
in 1986.

     Since 1980 Pol LEURS is participating at international cartoon contests and he won
his first prize, a special award for particular remarkable performance, at Cartoon’80
Berlin. Meanwhile he won 35 prizes and mentions at national and international cartoon

     As the vice-president of the luxembourgish association CartoonArt.lu he promotes the
cartoon art in Luxembourg together with some fellow artists and friends of cartoon art.
CartoonArt.lu supports also the logistic organisation of the International Salon of
Caricature and Cartoon of Vianden (Luxembourg). He is the president of the jury of this
international cartoon contest which is honoured with 5 stars by FECO (Federation of
Cartoonists Organisations). http://www.poleurs.lu/



















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 International contest of caricature and cartoon of Vianden 







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All Rights Reserved Museum of Caricature and Cartoon Vianden 2009

  par des caricaturistes

        12 september - 4 octobre 2009
                 collection Gérard Pouchain



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 25April -30 June 2009
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 DORU FLORIAN CRIHANA  31 july - 28 august 2009
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