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 International contest of caricature and cartoon of Vianden 







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All Rights Reserved Museum of Caricature and Cartoon Vianden 2009

  par des caricaturistes

        12 september - 4 octobre 2009
                 collection Gérard Pouchain



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  VALERIU KURTU   27 June-29 July 2009

    June 2009   Valentin Druzhinin
       António Moreira Antunes
 25 April -31 Mai 2009
       POL LEURS            June 2008
 honoré daumier

Celebrating Honoré Daumier's 200th

   ADAM KORPAK       31 july - 12 october
 DORU FLORIAN CRIHANA  31 july - 28 august 2009

António Moreira Antunes           BIOGRAPHY

He began his professional career as a cartoonist on the Lisbon daily newspaper Republica in 1974, the same year in which he began a regular collaboration with the weekly newspaper, Expresso which continues to publish his cartoons every week. In 1983 he was awarded the Grand Prix of the “XXth International Salon of Cartoons” in Montreal, Canada. Three years later, he won the First Prize in the Editorial Cartoon Category in the XXIII edition at the same salon. Among other distinctions, he received the Grand Prix d’ Honour at the “XV Festival du Dessin Humoristique” in Anglet, France in 1993 and the Award of Excellence of the 20th Edition of “the Best of Newspaper Design, SND” in Estocolm, Sweden in 1995; the Premio Internazional Satira Politica (ex-aequo) in Fort dei Marmi, Italy in 2002
Among his individual exhibitions the following are representative: Lisbon (1982, 2000); Oporto (1983, 1995, 2000); Rio de Janeiro (1983, 1991); Bonn (1983); Düsseldorf (1983); Macau (1987, 1996); Brasilia (1998); Barcelona (1999); Recife (1999); Madrid (2001); Paris (2004); Saint-Just-le-Martel (2004).

President of the jury of the World Press Cartoon from its foundation